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Investing well can be easy, quick, and even fun.

Average people like you and me can make money in the stock market over three, five, and ten years—better returns than CDs, bonds, or even the market itself.

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Words have power.

Words wielded well can inform, amuse, enlighten, and persuade.

Outspeaking wields words wisely.

Knit of Portland

Handcrafted artisan scarfs, hats, shawls, gloves and other natural fabrics, wielded by expert craftspeople by unique, modern designs.

Blender Recipe ReviewsBlender Recipe Reviews

A family-guided catalog of delicious and nutritious blended foods, with a special emphasis on smoothies.

Start with the experiment-driven guide to how to make a smoothie.

Managing Remote

Your business needs the best people, but not all of them live near you. How to manage remote employees effectively, including How to Hold a Remote One-on-One and Effective Tools for Remote Work.

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